How It Works

Avery Educate is the leading provider of Web-based and mobile device flash cards. Using Avery Educate products, you will be able to streamline your book bag and find more time to study.

Study More, Carry Less

Flash cards make memorizing easier. But, for many subjects there are a lot of cards. To study them you have to carry them with you. If you are using cards for several classes, the combined weight with your textbooks quickly becomes unwieldy. If you divide the deck, the cards become a mess and several invariably get lost. Because of the trouble, you can only study where you have cards. Unfortunately, when you have down time, standing in line at the grocery store, riding the bus, or waiting for friends, you won’t be able to study. Using Avery Educate flash cards, you can study virtually anywhere. Whether on a laptop at a coffee shop, or on a cell phone at the dentist’s office, you’ll have the freedom to study more and carry less.

Easy Installation

All you need on your computer to start accessing flash cards is a browser and a free Flash Player plugin. Avery Educate flash cards work on major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. And, since 99% of Internet users already have Flash Player, chances are you won’t need to install anything to begin using your flash cards on your computer.

To use Avery Educate flash cards on your mobile device, you will need to install a Java ME application. The application is small and will download quickly. The process is straightforward -- if you play mobile games, you are probably already familiar with how to do it.

Easy Navigation and Organization

Getting around Avery Educate flash cards is simple. Options allow you to move forward and backward in the deck. You can also choose random cards. And, when you’ve mastered a card you can check it off. Then, you can choose to view all cards or just the unmastered cards. That way you can spend your time more efficiently by focusing on cards you don’t know instead of those you’ve already mastered. You can also skip to any card in the deck instantly.

Easy Reading

The computer-based flash cards are designed to be easily readable, reducing eye strain. After studying for hours straight, you’ll appreciate the difference. A special font ("Georgia") is used that was specifically designed to make reading easier. Flash technology enhances the readability further, rendering the text sharply and crisply. See the image below for a demonstration of the difference.

Enhanced vs. Unenhanced Text

An Easy Choice

For about the same price as their bulky counterparts, you can get lightweight and easy to use flash cards that allow you to study where and when you want. Do more. Carry less.